About Lolantonis

Lolantonis, or “crazy Antonis”, is a rural area on the southeast of Paros Island, between Drios and Tripiti/Glyfa. It is a small cliff overlooking the sea, which took its name from the founder of the taverna whose name was Antonis and who had a joyful personality!

This stretch of sand, nestled into the landscape like a secret treasure, feels like an island unto itself. With no beach bars or chairs, it is a grand getaway from the busting movement of some other island spots, providing a purely natural habitat for the escapists among us.

The small complex of 8 rooms was added on a later stage to the taverna. From the complex, a path is leading down to a small and secluded small beach. The famous beach of Lolantonis is a little bit further. It’s one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches on the island and is comparatively not crowded. Natural shade can be found under the sea pines dominating the seascape. And when the sun heads towards the west in the afternoon, the cliffs on the left side of the shore cast plenty of shade. Lolantonis is one of the beaches that appeals to those seeking tranquillity in a natural environment.

You can also quickly reach many other beaches by car, as well as a variety of places to swim on walkable distance.